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Guardify is the leading cloud-based digital video evidence management solution for public good, serving child advocacy organizations, child protective services, prosecuting attorneys, and law enforcement organizations.

Our initial focus was to serve the needs of the more than 1,100 Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) in the U.S. that assist more than 700,000 child survivors of abuse and neglect every year. We work in collaboration with sector experts, advocates, law enforcement, national child advocacy organizations, national prosecution associations and the judicial system; as well as with leading manufacturers of video recording systems.

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Our Mission

Create digital evidence management solutions enabling seamless access to, organization and utilization of digital evidence for justice, security and a path to restoration.

Children Protected

How did Guardify start?

Project Harmony, a thought-leader Child Advocacy Center in Omaha, NE, inspired the creation of Guardify.

Giving Tech Labs, a Seattle-based innovation lab focused on creating technology for the public interest, incubated Guardify. 

Who supports Guardify?

Guardify is a sustainable social enterprise generating revenue through SaaS subscriptions.

Thanks to the financial support of Nebraska Investors, Academia, Local Government, and Sector Experts, Guardify established its headquarters in Omaha, NE.

Collective Impact

Leading foundations and philanthropists provide catalytic grants for Child Advocacy Centers to use Guardify during the first year. In year two, their regular budget cycle with grants from the DOJ and other sources pay for the solution.

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Our Values Drive Our Daily Actions

Our Team

Guardify is made of mission-driven, passionate people who are experts in their fields. Our team is fully-focused on providing the best product, resources, and customer service to help organizations meet their own missions. Many of our team members have professional experiences within children’s advocacy centers, nonprofit organizations, district attorney’s offices and law enforcement agencies.

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Meet our Leadership Team

Ben Jackson, Guardify team member

Ben Jackson

Dave Coburn, Guardify team member

Dave Coburn

Director of Product &
Customer Success

Carrie Paschall, Guardify team member

Carrie Paschall

Director of Outreach
David Schreffler, Guardify team member

David Shreffler

Director of Engineering

Meet our Outreach and Customer Success Teams

Ryan Girardin, Guardify team member

Ryan Girardin

Outreach Specialist
Michael Margolis, Guardify team member

Michael Margolis

Outreach Specialist
Megan Peterson, Guardify team member

Megan Peterson

Senior Outreach Specialist
Alexander Soto, Guardify team member

Alexander Soto

Outreach Specialist
Jenn Sherenian, Guardify team member

Jenn Sherenian

Customer Success Manager

Ashley Stokrp, Guardify team member

Ashley Stokrp

Customer Onboarding Specialist

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