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Solutions for
Child Advocacy

Safely view, share and store forensic interview videos

Child Advocacy Center using Guardify, a cost-effective evidence management tool
Guardify, evidence management for CACs, DAs, and prosecution offices
Save time and eliminate busy work​

Save time and
eliminate busy work

No more hours wasted burning DVDs and loading jump drives. Spend more time accelerating justice and healing.

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Protect the most vulnerable

Secure your interviews with the highest CJIS, HIPAA and other security framework standards.

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Control distribution
and delivery 

Instantly share or revoke privileges, track access and give permissions at the user level.

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Use Cases

A Focus on Child Advocacy

Why Guardify

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Rapid onboarding

Start uploading, managing, sharing and securing evidence the same day you sign up.
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Dedicated, ongoing support

Our accessible support team helps onboard your staff and partner agencies.
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Modern, intuitive interface

Work in a purpose-built, modern interface that simplifies evidence management, reducing training time and errors.
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Evidence lifecycle management

Instead of managing single pieces of evidence, you can handle entire case files from evidence collection and management to archiving.
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Discovery e-delivery and e-receipts

Provide proof of discovery while addressing defense privacy concerns. Automatically create transparency and auditability.
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Unlimited user access

No seat limitations or sharing limits. Every team member and every agency has access to efficient, streamlined evidence sharing.
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Workflow flexibility

Tailor your workflow to meet your various agencies' needs with seamless training and collaborative onboarding.

Implementation is Easy


Onboard With
Our Experts

Work with our team to onboard your office and law enforcement partners quickly.


Create Simple

You can choose how users upload and organize files to match your case management needs.


Start Collecting Evidence

Have audio, video, photos and documents submitted and ready to be organized, reviewed and shared with the click of a button.

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