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Guardify for Prosecutors

Easy-to-use, digital evidence management for prosecution offices

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Confirm your case history and discovery audit

Ensure evidence integrity with secure tracking, timestamping and permissions management. No more wondering if evidence was delivered to the defense.


Secure your
evidence files

Grant access permissions to keep sensitive data safe. Rest easy knowing your evidence can’t be lost or used without your authorization.

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Save time and focus
on trial preparation

Eliminate hours previously spent on manual tasks like cataloging and duplicating evidence. Focus on building strong cases instead.

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Safe. Simple. Secure

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A complete evidence management system built specifically for prosecutors


Connect across platforms to sync with software used by law enforcement and other agencies. Software integrations let you work on cases even more efficiently.

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Why Guardify

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Rapid onboarding

Start uploading, managing, sharing and securing evidence the same day you sign up.
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Dedicated, ongoing support

Our accessible support team helps onboard your staff and partner agencies.
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Modern, intuitive interface

Work in a purpose-built, modern interface that simplifies evidence management, reducing training time and errors.
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Evidence lifecycle management

Instead of managing single pieces of evidence, you can handle entire case files from evidence collection and management to archiving.
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Discovery e-delivery and e-receipts

Provide proof of discovery while addressing defense privacy concerns. Automatically create transparency and auditability.
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Unlimited user access

No seat limitations or sharing limits. Every team member and every agency has access to efficient, streamlined evidence sharing.
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Workflow flexibility

Tailor your workflow to meet your various agencies' needs with seamless training and collaborative onboarding.

We Get Asked These Questions a Lot

Yes! There is a fully-supported Guardify Partner API that allows secure transfer of a wide range of media, metadata and case fields between systems. We’re happy to work with your team to explore further integration opportunities with your systems.

Yes, Guardify is secure! We are CJIS and HIPAA compliant. Cloud security is designed to protect the full lifecycle of data and ensure appropriate background screening of operating personnel with access to criminal justice information.

Guardify is optimized to track digital forms of evidence. However, you could track physical evidence using a tracking document that you upload into the system as an attachment. You could also use the Case Notes feature if the amount of physical evidence was minimal.

Our system currently processes a large library of file types, including many proprietary formats. In the event that you have a file type that our system can’t process, an administrator for your license can preload proprietary players to be packaged with appropriate videos when downloaded.

At the close of a case, you have the option to delete the case from the system, to archive it for long-term storage or to keep it active. You determine your retention rules and Guardify’s reporting tools can help you apply them, including efficiency tools like bulk archiving.

Guardify business employees have no access to your evidence at any time. For developers, we have controls around those who may have access to the data.

Background checks are conducted on all Guardify employees. Where state-specific background checks are required, we will happily comply with those as well.

Implementation is Easy


Onboard With
Our Experts

Work with our team to onboard your office and law enforcement partners quickly.


Create Simple

You can choose how users upload and organize files to match your case management needs.


Start Collecting Evidence

Have audio, video, photos and documents submitted and ready to be organized, reviewed and shared with the click of a button.

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