Avoiding Pitfalls in the Prosecution of Child Sexual Abuse Cases, July 18 Webinar →

Tips for Navigating the Courtroom, Dealing with Sensitive Cases and Conducting Oneself Professionally

This on-demand webinar brings together three seasoned and highly accomplished legal professionals, each of whom bring a unique perspective and breadth of experience to the conversation. Our panelists discuss strategies and practical tips for navigating the courtroom, dealing with sensitive cases, and conducting oneself in a professional manner that upholds the integrity of the legal profession.  This presentation is invaluable for new attorneys, especially prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys, eager to uphold the highest standards of their profession, and also beneficial for seasoned attorneys looking to sharpen their skills and insights.


Julie McMakin, Senior Trial Attorney, Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office. Julie  brings a wealth of experience handling cases ranging from misdemeanors to capital murder. Currently teaching Basic Skills and Advanced Criminal Trial Practice at Cumberland School of Law, Julie’s insights will offer valuable guidance for maintaining professionalism in the courtroom.

Alana Minton, Lead Deputy Attorney General, Idaho State Police, former prosecutor with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office. Alana’s wide-ranging experiences in child welfare, child fatality review, and crimes against children equip her with unique insights into the challenges faced by prosecutors, especially in dealing with vulnerable populations.

Shawn Paschall, Board Certified Criminal Law Attorney. Boasting a track record of success in over 100 jury trials, Attorney Shawn brings invaluable insights from his nine-year tenure as a felony prosecutor and three-year stint in the Crimes Against Children Unit. As a member of the Board of Directors for The Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Association, Shawn has the pleasure of representing criminal lawyers in Texas. 

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