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Simplify evidence management with a modern digital platform

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Unify evidence collection and sharing across multiple agencies

Streamline collection of video, audio, images and documents from multiple sources. One user-friendly, online platform replaces DVDs, flash drives and other analog tools.

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Access evidence instantly and from anywhere

Get to your evidence on demand and on-the-go. No more delivery delays, lost DVDs or rummaging through physical file folders.

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Solve long-term
storage challenges

Archive evidence for the long term without worrying about server capacity issues or physical deterioration. Preserve digital evidence without dealing with physical drives.

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How It Works

Guardify secure evidence management software - mobile uploading

Mobile uploading

Securely capture video, audio, and images and upload directly to Guardify platform.

Guardify secure evidence management for CACs - encrypted downloading

Encrypted downloading

Protect sensitive files with a secure encryption key with administrative controls.
Guardify prosecution evidence software - video tagging and redaction

Video and audio redaction

In-app tools to redact video and audio. Trim and edit clips for use in discovery and trial.
Guardify evidence management software - video and audio transcription with editing

Transcription (with editing)

AI-based automatic transcription and closed captioning of all audio. Transcripts can be edited to prepare for court prep.
Guardify for Prosecutors - control permissions for evidence

Controlled permissions

Easily share evidence, with permissions that allow view only, editing, current or future access.
Guardify for Child Advocacy Centers - change evidence custodian

Transfer of custodianship

Flexibly adjust evidence ownership to accommodate relevant jurisdictional requirements.
Guardify evidence management for DAs - evidence receipt confirmation

Evidence read receipts

See who has accessed files and acknowledge evidence receipts to maintain audit trail.
Guardify evidence management software dashboard reporting

Reporting and dashboards

Identify evidence updates in current cases and track discovery status in real time.
Guardify for Child Advocacy Centers, a secure evidence management software
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