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2023 Child Advocacy Partner of the Year: Nicole Buermann

Nicole Buermann, Guardify Child Advocacy Partner of the Year

A prosecutor ensures that justice is not just a concept, but a tangible reality for victims of the most abhorrent crimes. Assistant Prosecutor Nicole Buermann of Essex County, New Jersey has served as a beacon of justice for the past 16 years to countless victims.

Working in the Special Victim’s Unit, she willingly shoulders the weight of some of the most challenging cases,  involving victims who have undergone the most unspeakable atrocities – including all human trafficking cases within her jurisdiction. She works the cases from the inception, hand in hand with the investigative team, ensuring that there are no stones left unturned.

Over the years, Assistant Prosecutor Buermann has obtained convictions for some of the most egregious child sex assault cases. Her relentless determination has led to justice for many child victims who have suffered at the hands of heinous perpetrators. In one of her most recent cases, Assistant Prosecutor Buermann obtained a conviction for 26 counts of child sex assault-related charges and the defendant was sentenced to 106 years in state prison.

The work Assistant Prosecutor Buermann undertakes each day is arduous, emotionally draining, and fraught with obstacles. Yet, her tenacity, fearlessness, and ferocity are consistently on display as she stands undaunted in the face of these challenges. Her devotion to her role, and her relentless drive to seek justice for victims, sets her apart in her field and her MDT states that she is “the best champion you can have in your corner.”

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