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A digital platform that makes evidence management

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Over 12,000 legal and social service organizations rely on Guardify

Manage and protect evidence with an easy-to-use digital platform

Upload Evidence

Simplify evidence collection and eliminate the complications of DVDs and external hard drives. Law enforcement and other partners can quickly upload evidence files for a more timely and secure evidence management process.
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Safe. Simple. Secure

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Securely Store

Keep sensitive data safe with the highest standards of security architecture. Store and archive evidence for the long term without worrying about server capacity challenges or physical deterioration.

Control Access

Ensure evidence integrity with secure tracking, timestamping and permissions management. Grant access permissions to keep sensitive data safe and rest easy knowing your evidence can’t be lost or used without your authorization.

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Evidence Tools

Build strong cases with evidence management tools built right into the platform. Tag, time stamp and redact in the platform, and share digital evidence directly from your computer in the courtroom.

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Connect across platforms to sync with software used by law enforcement and other agencies. Software integrations let you work on cases even more efficiently.

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Our Products

for Prosecutors

This powerful, user-friendly platform helps prosecution offices modernize their discovery process, especially with audio and video files. Help your team work faster, smarter and more efficiently to accelerate justice.

for Child Advocacy Centers

Designed for Child Advocacy Centers to collect, view, share and store child forensic interviews. Securely distribute interviews to the multidisciplinary team without making multiple physical copies.

+ Add-Ons Available

Customize Your
Platform Capabilities


Why Guardify

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Rapid onboarding

Start uploading, managing, sharing and securing evidence the same day you sign up.
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Dedicated, ongoing support

Our accessible support team helps onboard your staff and partner agencies.
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Modern, intuitive interface

Work in a purpose-built, modern interface that simplifies evidence management, reducing training time and errors.
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Evidence lifecycle management

Instead of managing single pieces of evidence, you can handle entire case files from evidence collection and management to archiving.
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Discovery e-delivery and e-receipts

Provide proof of discovery while addressing defense privacy concerns. Automatically create transparency and auditability.
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Unlimited user access

No seat limitations or sharing limits. Every team member and every agency has access to efficient, streamlined evidence sharing.
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Workflow flexibility

Tailor your workflow to meet your various agencies' needs with seamless training and collaborative onboarding.

How We Compare

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Upload, share and store evidence
Evidence lifecycle management
Discovery e-delivery and e-receipts
Unlimited user access
Rapid onboarding & flexibility
Dedicated, ongoing support
Modern, intuitive interface
Guardify for Child Advocacy Centers, a secure evidence management software
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