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Guardify’s Eleven Ways to Take Action and Honor Survivor Support Day

support survivors and child advocates

Demonstrate your survivor support today.

At Guardify, survivors of child abuse and neglect and the child advocacy centers and multidisciplinary teams that support them are at the center of our mission to deliver leading technology advancing justice and healing.

In honor of Survivor Support Day July 11th, we share this list of eleven simple actions that can be done to share your survivor support.

Actions to support survivors and child advocates:

1. Wear your purple with pride! 

Purple is the color of Survivor Support Day. Don your purple and take a selfie or socially distant group photo to show your support for survivors (tag it with #survivorsupportday). Post on social media and share the love.

2. Share your story of survivor support.

Post why you are inspired to support survivors on social media with the hashtag #survivorsupportday. Tie your story to your support of the National Children’s Alliance #shine campaign.

3. Send a thank you note.

Express your gratitude the old-fashioned way by mail or post a shout-out on social media tagging #survivorsupportday.

4. Make the pledge to “Be Someone.”

Visit Project Be Someone and take the pledge to “Be Someone” who will commit to help end child abuse.

5. Donate to your child advocacy center.

If you’re not yet connected, find your local child advocacy center and donate money, toys, or books.

6. Take the “Steward of Children” training.

Sign yourself up or, if you’re already trained, another adult to become a Steward of Children and learn more about how you can individually recognize the signs and act responsibly to support child abuse prevention

7. Educate yourself, share your issues, and advocate.

Share your legislative advocacy efforts with us or learn about issues in your community and state. Educate yourself on the Coronavirus Child Care and Education Relief Act seeking to provide $1.5 billion for child abuse prevention.

8. Broadcast resources for survivors.

Don’t take for granted survivors know what’s available to them, whether at the outset of their journey toward well-being or beyond. Periodically broadcast resources you have and ways for survivors to connect.

9. Share cultural competency practices.

Share your cultural competency practices with peers to further equity efforts to support all survivors in ways that are most relevant to the individual.

10. Have a conversation with a child.

Take a moment out of your day to talk with a child. Engage in age-appropriate, open conversations about our bodies, sex, and healthy boundaries. Further your understanding of how to help educate children by signing up for Darkness to Light training.

11. Dial up the volume of Survivor Support Day in other states.

Contact us to receive a toolkit to petition your governor to proclaim July 11, 2021 as Survivor Support Day. Help us spread recognition and awareness across all 50 states.

Share your ideas for Survivor Support Day!

We know good ideas can come from anywhere. We’d love to hear from you about the ways you are acting to support survivors.

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